Art by Adel Ocampo: (https://www.facebook.com/AdelCreates/)

An amnesiac girl learns about her true nature and an occult detective is sent down a mad spiral after his half-sister is murdered.

In a world of steel and electricity run by Magick, neon-lit signs replace torches and gaslamps. Concrete monuments and soaring glass obelisks replace wizard’s towers and grand mansions. Bars and nightclubs replace taverns and inns.

In 3:077:1st of the winter Season of Nymph, begins the story of two strange creatures bound together by luck and fate. Join them as they live in the world of Oeuvre during the time of technology, where steel spires loom overhead, neon lights blind eyes, Datascapes consume souls, and vices plague every spirit.

Start the Reverie with the first Dream.

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