What is this?

Hey all. I’m Joaquin Kyle Saavedra, otherwise known as coffeegalaxies. This is a web serial set in the high fantasy, high tech world of Oeuvre. Urban Reverie was made from my obsessive love for Fantasy and grimy Urban aesthetics, along with lo-fi/electronic/post-rock music and anime. This updates weekly, usually every weekend.

This is mostly a mix of fantasy, sci-fi, and lovecraftian horror. At it’s core, this is mostly an Urban Fantasy, but there’s a new genre on the block known as New Weird which I think it falls into. It does go into weird, and the world itself is already pretty weird. If you want to know more about the world of Oeuvre, I invite you to read the Urban Reverie.

I do have some warnings. The characters here, especially Quinen, are hardboiled and have worked their way up through grime and gutter. They swear and they do things no other people do, mostly because they are forced to. While not, like, rated R or anything, I would keep this at a safe PG-18.

If you got this far, then that means that you might be interested, or just a really kind soul. If you are interested, why don’t you start with the first Sequence — Dream?

Curious/Confused about the world? Then check out the Codex. It should clear some things up for you and is constantly being updated with entries.

And if you want to see some standalone stories set in the world, check out the Tales page.