Origin: The Fey-Realm of Avalon

Species: Divata

Biology: A Jifarin lives in the chaotic jungles of Avalon, home of the Divata. They are mostly Mortals who have been abducted into the Avalon by the Siddivata and never made it back or never left their grasps. They have been twisted, soul, mind, and body, into terrible creatures that want nothing but the static order of the Mundus to vanish and for the Maelstrom to wash over it.

Appearance: Most jifarin appear like their mortal forms… from the waist up. Their skins are turned into emerald scales with golden highlights. Their entire lower body is turned into a serpentine like tail with four legs that enable them to traverse. They can be as small as a child, or as large as a building. The tips of their tail normally hold a gem or crystal that has magical properties, according to their age. When dead, they tend to stick around unless a Magicker knows how to banish them back to Avalon, where they turn into golden butterflies that return into the Mael.

Vulnerabilities: A Jifarin is known to have a strong lower body, made chimerical because of the Mael, but its upper body is highly vulnerable. A shotgun to the head would still smart them as much as a normal person. Also, they are known to fear the Siddivata, and flee when showed their visage or any weapon from them.

Useful Notes: Jifarin scales are good for transmutative alchemy recipes. Their scales, when turned into armor, adapts to the shape of the wearer. Jifarin eyes have a certain resonance with the Mael, so using it as a Focus for channeling the Ethereal Realms seem like the logical choice. Although, many folk-legends speak of the influence of the chimerical realm of Avalon, which may seep into the Soul of the Magicker and twist him from within. Take caution.

Appearances: Dream 1